• The Traditional Carnaval Song of Bera de Bidasoa in Navarra sung in Basque

 • The Sunday Bells of the 13th Century Church of Castro Urdiales, Cantabria by the Sea

 •  Church Clock with Mechanical Dolls of La Guardia in La Rioja Alavesa

 • Riding on the Bilbao Metro

 • Walking among the different thematic floats at the Tolosa Carnaval in Guipuzcoa

• Interview with Gaita instrument players in Logroño and a song

• “Hola guapa. Buenos días.” A skillful Nigerian street hawker on a busy street corner in Madrid

Ignacio Martinez and Chema Barbado “Los Arqueros de Compostela” playing under the arches of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia

 • The traditional Asturian game of “Bola” played in Villa Viciosa.  Listen to the sound of the return ball rolling down the ramp

• Walking the narrow streets of a quiet, somber, small village in Burgos province I heard, through a window, a lively party of Cubans celebrating and enjoying tropical music

 • Waiting for the metro to arrive in Porto, Portugal

• The Sunday afternoon bird market in Porto, Portugal

• The arrival of the 19th Century elevator/trolley to take visitors to see the church of Bom Jesus in Braga, Portugal. Listen to the water cooling the gears

 • In the narrow streets of the old medieval fishing village of Ondarroa, Vizcaya Euskadi at 2pm, people were preparing for lunch, taking out their silverware and plates, and hurrying home to eat