Visit to Soria


These photos are from a recent trip made to the province of Soria.  In order to arrive in Soria, it was necessary to travel through the mountain passes of La Rioja region. Included is a photo of the small village of Torrecilla en Cameros. Soria is a province in the region of Castilla y Leon and is somewhat “off the grid” in terms of being well connected with the rest of the country.  The city of Soria has some true medieval architectural gems, namely the romanesque and mudejar mix of the Monastery of San Juan de Duero and the baroque Sanctuary of San Saturio right on the Duero/Douro river.  Not overwhelmed by tourism are photos of the well-preserved former islamic medieval village of Calatañazor (Qala’at an-Nassur in its original Arabic), southwest of the provincial capital city of Soria (see map section). Enjoy!

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